Dungeon of the Endless Wiki
Battle Madness LVL3

Hero gains in power, loses in obedience...

  • (Self) Attack power +20 / 28 / 32
  • (Self) Attack cooldown -0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6
  • (Self) Attack range is increased
  • (Self) Can not move
    • Duration: 8
    • Cooldown: 2

Heroes with skill: Mizi Kurtiz (level 3/9/15)

Though Mizi hits very hard, her slow attack speed results in a lot of wasted time between switching targets if she doesn't finish a specific enemy off quickly. Battle Madness helps alleviate this by drastically improving her cooldown and attack power, resulting in much less overlap between attacks. The immobility penalty can be detrimental, but is compensated both by the attack range increase and the tendency for Mizi to not need to move much in the first place. Some form of AoE damage from modules is still recommended to help her, as small enemies sneaking by are her weakness.