Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

A defensive module used to keep heroes and NPCs alive in between attacks. 


Provides 50% more hp regen in rooms that currently have no monsters. Health regen from multiple modules stacks. Useful in a room near a chokepoint as heroes can retreat to heal quickly then return to the fight. Tends to be more useful than Bio-organic Transference modules in rooms with multiple heroes and against waves with fewer but stronger enemies (since healing is not dependent on kills). Autodoc Shards are also a fantastic way to combat Chimera Keepers - save food by building a room of autodocs and run away to heal up if the boss is too tough!


Production price 8 Industry

Level Module HP HP Regen Analyze Cost Industry Cost
1 220 7 25 8
2 255 11 25 8
3 300 15 34 8
4 355 20 43 8

updated for v1.0.88