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This storyline involves Dell Bradford, Pat Bates, Misha Cherny, and Kaspar Herab.


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First elevator ride with all involved parties[]

  • Misha: Stupid BLU guy! Drill too deep and we end up here!
  • Dell: Now calm down little feller. They got Hyperium and Adamantium...
  • Kaspar: Ja. They must have Australium. It is scientific logic!
  • Pat: Nrr mfft! Grljjk!

Dell bio

  • Dell is involved in the story Australium! with Pat, Misha and Kaspar.

Pat bio

  • Pat is involved in the story Australium! with Dell, Misha and Kaspar.

Misha bio

  • Misha is involved in the story Australium! with Dell, Pat and Kaspar.

Kaspar bio

  • Kaspar is involved in the story Australium! with Dell, Pat and Misha.

Second elevator ride[]

  • Misha: Is weird. Why we teaming up? No robots here. Only strange bugs.
  • Dell: I'm kinda missing good ol' Demoman. He'd clean up right quick.
  • Pat: Ng rrr brgn nmm rll!
  • Dell: Y all got some meds for your pal? She makes me a bit antsy.
  • Dell: Or he makes me antsy... or.... whatever.

Third elevator ride[]

  • Kaspar: Zis Australium. Its form can be any form, like gold, even. Ja?
  • Pat: Rrt knmb nf nf zdzzt!
  • Dell: Like Dust?? Nut boy is sounding saner and saner.
  • Misha: You watch tongue. Nut boy's friend is watching you Or... nut girl? Hmmm...

Fourth elevator ride[]

  • Misha: So. We find Australium. Or we find Dust. And we go back and kill robots. Yes?
  • Dell: Yup. More gun, less robot.
  • Kaspar: All these things would be easier with that little Scout to go find it.
  • Kaspar: But, ach, I am getting very tired of his baseball trivia.

Fifth elevator ride[]

  • Kaspar: Yes! I have filled my bags with Dust!
  • Misha: Heavy Guy too! I mean, my bags with Dust. Not yours.
  • Dell: Same here I'm thinking we're fixing to do some serious damage here.
  • Kaspar: Ja! Ah ha haa! Uh, if we live...

Dell bio

  • Dell is a member of one of two competing teams of mercenaries who have joined together in the hopes of finding lodes of the priceless ore called "Australium".

Pat bio

  • Mrsh sklvr ndk yrbln szx plt klbn thrsh plt plt grgrrrbb. Ztrllnmnm!

Misha bio

  • Misha is member of RED Team! Ha! Is off to find Australium and watch lots of robots try to outwit bullets!

Kaspar bio

  • Kaspar is a member of BLU Team, who has joined with their arch-enemy RED Team in the hopes of finding "Australium" -- and getting to practice offensive medicine...

Dell, Pat, Misha & Kaspar passive skill: Stimulated

  • Committed to Getting the Heck Out by the outcome of their story, the hero focuses on the job at hand.
  • Speed +5%, defense +8%