Dungeon of the Endless Wiki

The album is a side-scrolling list of concept art with annotations found in the main menu. Each picture, with corresponding writing, is unlocked after the player achieves certain milestones in the game:

  • Completing the game with the Armory Pod unlocks a picture of the armory pod.
  • Completing the game with the Sanitary Pod unlocks a picture of the sanitary pod.
  • Killing a certain number of each enemy unlocks a picture of that particular enemy.
  • Completing the game unlocks a picture of the heroes at the surface.
  • Each of the following story events involves completing a certain number of floors with specific heroes in the party, which unlocks a picture of those heroes.
Event Floors Heroes
Australium! 5 Dell Bradford, Kaspar Herab, Misha Cherny, and Pat Bates (all Team Fortress 2 heroes)
Bug vs. Bugeater 4 Skroig and Golgy Phurtiver
Downfall 4 Rakya Pulmoni and Elise Ness
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Interrogative 4 Opbot DV8 and Ken Massoqui
Who Talked? 5 Max O'Kane, Troe Pekenyo, Josh 'Ntello, and Warden Mormish
With Honor! 4 Hikensha and Mizi Kurtiz