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Ahhrrrmani suit french

Double-breasted, pin-striped, and guaranteed to make everyone you meet hate you.

Improves: Max HP, Defense

Penalty: ---

Unlocks Skill: Me first!

Due to the skill it unlocks, all monsters (except Trash) will target the user, overriding any other targeting priorities they may have. Be very careful with this item as it changes the way the game works and may not always be desirable. It is recommended to put the Arhrrrmani Suit on a fast and/or high health hero so they can either escape the room once low on health or simply have so much health that they can take lots of punishment. It may be a good idea to have a backup piece of armor (without Me first!) to swap to in the event the user is close to death. The Arhrrrmani Suit provides a sizeable increase to HP and defense but is overshadowed by several other armors. The main reason to use it is the skill it unlocks.


Rarity HP Max HP Regen Defense Speed Attack Power Attack Cooldown Attack Range Wit Version
Grey +50 --- +20 --- --- --- --- --- 1.1.0
Green +60 --- +23 --- --- --- --- --- v0.3.6
Blue +70 --- +26 --- --- --- --- --- 1.1.0
Purple +80 --- +30 --- --- --- --- --- 1.1.0

Merchant Prices[]

Rarity FIS Cost Dust Cost Version
Grey 66 22 1.1.0
Green 78 26 1.1.0
Blue 96 32 1.1.0
Purple 114 38 1.1.0

Modding properties[]

Item ID: Armor013

Localization strings:

  • %Item_Armor013 (Item name)
  • %Item_Armor013_Description (Item flavour text)


The item name is an obvious pun to the fashion house, Giorgio Armani. [1]